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List of Works

If you are interested in an unpublished work, see our Contact page.

Plays  available on Amazon -- See Author's Page

A Little Bit of Both-- Available on Amazon

running time: 45 minutes.  One set. Three characters: 2 female, 1 male.

In an unusual setting (a graveyard), Claudia meets her father.  Although the two haven't seen each other for 30 years, they take up their lives from Claudia's dramatic childhood.  With her father's direction, Claudia learns what she needs to know to continue on her journey.

It Should be Obvious

running time: 50 minutes. One set. Four characters: 2 male, 2 female.

A housewife writes a play that leaves her family wondering where the characters begin and her family leaves off.  This play was developed through staged readings at the Chicago Dramatists Workshop.44


running time: 90 minutes. Two sets.  EIght characters: 2 black males, 2 white males, 2 black females, 2 white females.

Eight artists -- some zany, others erudite, and one downright repulsive -- re-evaluate their living arrangement when they hear a rumor about their benefactor.  This play has had a staged reading at the Chicago Dramatist Workshop.

The Reversible Play

running time: 30 minutes.  Two sets.  Seven characters. Gender of characters depends on which script or scripts the director chooses.

A father and son or mother and daughter rebuild their relationship after a 14=year hiatus.  Two scripts are included: One for the father/son version and one for the mother/daughter version.

Secrets of Golden Terrace 

running  ti me: estimated 90-120 minutes.  At least  15 characters.  Gender of characters fluid. 

Life in the nursing home isn't what it seems.  When patients share stories and secrets, an unsolved murder is disclosed. Meanwhile, a couple of patients are getting a bit chummy. Where will it all lead? 

Survivors  (link at left takes you to more details and reviews) -- available on Amazon --

running time: about 90 minutes.  One set. Three female characters.

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